Sunday, December 4, 2011

We decked the halls!

It's true, last week we got our decorate on.

Here in Slovakia, it's common and cultural to put your tree up a day or two before Christmas day.  And while we're down with that, we both still quite like the atmosphere a tree provides, as well as all the other fun decor.

So we pulled out our two shoeboxes, found us a local tree-selling place, cut out some snowflakes, and set to work.

Prepare for photo overload :)

Meet our little tree (it's about as tall as I am).

Putting on her pink stocking ornament (thanks Great Gma Rodriguez!)

And Daddy had a little helper putting up the star.

Snowflakes hung. Stars hung. Nativity set out.

Then I had a little night time fun playing around with the camera.

And finally a little preview of our Christmas-y photo shoot with Elise...

Loving me some Christmastime and decorations, but more importantly, loving me the true meaning of it all!


  1. Such great pictures! love the sweet feet and the Christmas lights :)

  2. Fun! Your little tree is too cute! Can't wait to see Elise's Christmas pics:) We hung snowflakes this year too! Yay for Christmas!


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