Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Just Because Post

This is one of those "just because" posts.  Maybe one that only the grandparents will appreciate, but ya know, I couldn't resist.

I am really diggin' this cutie.  Like really diggin' her...

1. Please pay attention to how she is laughing at the person taking the picture.  That would be her dad.  She LOVES smiling/laughing for her dad.
2. Yes, I realize that almost every photo we take has that leopard blanket in it may very well be time for a background prop change :)
3. Love that little girl.

Some Christmas decorating pics to come...stay tuned!


  1. She is so cute! Love seeing her pics and love you all!

    Mom & Dad

    PS. She was not too happy with her dad on skype today...wanted mommy...

  2. These are precious pictures, Charity and Jason! We are really "diggin'" her, too! We all love you all so very much.

  3. LOVE these! Just had to get my vote down too! Keep em coming Charity. She is PRECIOUS! Sophie checks your blog each morning while I make breakfast.....she's always so excited when there are new Elise pictures. When she saw the Thanksgiving one she said.."he is not holding that baby right!" I said how should he hold her and she said "like this" and was snuggling up her imaginary baby..... it was so cute. She's in love with your baby too! Hugs to you all!


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