Friday, November 20, 2009

And the verdict is...

For a while now I have been trying to decide which season is my favorite. I find that all four of the seasons have things I am a fan of, however, I recently decided in the last month or so that FALL officially is my favorite season. Why, you ask? For the following reasons:
1) NO ALLERGIES (for me in the fall, in the spring..yes..ughh...)
2) All the lovely smells of fall (leaves, cinnamon, Thanksgiving foods, etc..)
3) Carving pumpkins! That's just fun...
4) Thanksgiving foods--all of them! From the turkey to the it all.
5) It's just the right weather..not too hot, or too cold.
6) And finally, nothing trumps the gorgeous colors of fall. The leaves are amazing, the sunsets are's just perfect.

So when I drove in the driveway after work today, I noticed the leaves seemed particularly colorful and bright. It seems to me they have turned colors a little later than normal this year. I couldn't help but take out the camera:

Is God not big and glorious,or what?

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