Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Which fixin' for you?

The competition is tied! And with Thanksgiving right around the corner (literally, tomorrow it's here!) I've got Thanksgiving foods on the brain.

Apparently my students had Thanksgiving foods on the brain also. After their tests yesterday I told them they could draw, read, or work on homework quietly while others finished up. Well, when class was over I received three Thanksgiving cards.

This one made me laugh:

That's a turkey BEFORE and AFTER--ready to eat :)

Adorable! As you can see, he's ready for turkey. Just like me! This year we are having deep fried turkey--I've never had it, so I'm stoked to try it tomorrow.

What are YOU excited about eating tomorrow? What fixin' will fix your hunger? Let's talk FOOD! :)

Signing out,
Mrs. Palmer


  1. Ooooooo that made me miss my students' papers from teaching, they always had the funniest things to say! :)

    I hope you win, Charity! Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am making a carrot souffle tomorrow since there aren't sweet potatoes here, I hope it turns out yummy!

  2. I love notes from students! It is interesting to see middle schooler notes to teachers. I am looking forward to sweet potato casserole :) Hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving, Charity!

  3. thats a pretty cool thanksgiving card!! i enjoyed starbucks today!!
    love ya!

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