Monday, November 23, 2009

You and Me

It's time. Blog post #1 for Charity--let the fun begin!

So I know you are out there pondering, thinking, "what in the world is Charity going to blog on today, to make ME comment for HER so that I can see JASON in a dress!" Yes, I know you're thinking that...

This, then, is what I want to tell you. While Jason is quite a creative guy (so much so, he impresses me a lot..he did, after all, create this competition), I also would like to claim some creativity. So what I want to blog about is you. This is a blog on how you would feel if you commented for me TODAY.

Since I am not a particular fan of blogging without a picture, I've come up with a picture to illustrate how you would feel if you commented for me.

Take a look:

That's right! We would be jolly best friends! You would feel content and happy and pleased with yourself for helping me win this competition :) And me, I would be all smiles because you helped me out! So what other option is there!?

Here's what you can do: Leave me a comment suggesting where I should choose to go to dinner when I win this competition ;) Thank you MUCH!

And remember, since you'll be my best friend for commenting, I can make you a finger puppet that's personalized! Come on, go ahead, suggest a restaurant...


  1. Hey Sweetie, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you!!!

  2. Well the finger puppets are pretty cute...

  3. The main reason I'm commenting is so that someone else doesn't butt in and take the "best friend" spot that I claim for myself. :) I'd definitely suggest, hands down, Maggiano's!!

  4. OK, so Kevin just informed me that my comment didn't show up!!! I PROMISE I commented for you last night, and he will vouch for me bc he was sitting beside me when I did it. This is what I wrote:

    First of all, I have to say El Rodeo for the restaurant... a classic! And second, I think Jason should wear your wedding dress! I can help lace him up - I'm pretty much a pro ;)

  5. Charity, you are too cute! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I think your little compeition is hillarious! So, here is my official vote for you! And as far as the restaurant goes, I say PF Changs all the way!

  6. Ummmm.... I REALLY miss Chick-fil-A but maybe you'd better pick something more upscale. ;)


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