Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Do You Love?

The things that I love about Charity:

I love your laughter, I love your smile, I love your eyes, I love your heart for God, I love your tears, I love your touches, I love your hugs, I love your kisses, I love your faith, I love your heart for others, I love your compassion, I love your sincerity, I love your creativity, I love your art, I love your cooking, I love your words, I love your snuggles, I love all of your body, I love your family, I love your charm, I love your input, I love your fears, I love your worries, I love your comfort, I love your glasses, I love your style, I love your nose, I love your freckles, I love your listening ear, I love your encouragement, I love your prayers, I love your jokes, I love all of you!

I figure that I would write down just a few of the things that I love about Charity, so how about you give a shout-out to someone that you love on here too (spouse, family, friends, etc...)

One Happy Husband,


  1. My comment isn't showing up. Jason, I think Charity is crashing the blogspot system so that she'll win. Charity - thats just mean (but quite brilliant, I must say).

    Sweet post Jason. But my wife can beat up your wife.


  2. Jason,

    Good post. I also love my wife. Esp. right now for taking care of me while I can't move.

    The count is now 5 to 2 with my post. Spread the word at church; that is unless you want to wear a dress on the internet.


  3. Thanks guy! I like this post too. Oh wait did i just comment for myself...I think I did....Hmmmm guess this one counts for me too....now to sign-in as Charity and comment again...

  4. How can I not comment on this post? I have a great husband!!! (and he's good at strategy..what better way to get your wife to comment for you ;) Leave him some love ya'll--he's the best! Love you babe!

  5. I, Tyler Boone, love my wife, Erin Boone, more than A1 steak sauce, huntin, fishin, and campin.


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