Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comment for Me!

Last night Charity and I got into a discussion about blogging. During the talk, a small competition ensued. I told her that I could write a post that could get more comments than her and she responded back with an emphatic, "WHATEVER!" So this is where this post comes into play. We came up with a challenge for the upcoming week starting on Monday, November 23 and finishing on Thursday the 26th. That is Thanksgiving Day!! The challenge goes like this: On Monday and Wednesday Charity will blog about whatever she wants and on Tuesday and Thursday I will blog about whatever I want. On Friday we will tally up who has the most comments on their posts for the week. If I, Jason, lose I will have to put on one of Charity's dresses, do a girlie pose in it, take a picture of it, and then have it posted on the blog for the whole world to see!! If Charity loses then she has to post a picture of herself kissing my feet while I am eating grapes like a caesar in his palace!! On top of that the winner gets to choose the restaurant of their liking for date night next week!

In order for this competition to work we have set-up some special guidelines.
1) Jason cannot and will not blog about anything inappropriate
2) We can only count one person's comment per day. For instance if Charity's mom comments on Charity's blog on Monday 3 times we can only count one of her comments for that day's total.
3) In case of a tie, which there should not be because I hope to win, we both will take our punishment and post both pictures on the blog and go to a restaurant that someone can suggest for us on the blog.

Well I hope you all enjoy this game as much as we hope to! Spread the word and start leaving Jason comments :)

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