Friday, November 18, 2011

Cute Gabo

My new friend Claire came over today.  She brought along with her a cute little five month old "smile-machine," better known as her son, Gabo.  He is, in a word, adorable.  And he is seriously all smiles.

He and Elise were the models for a photo shoot.  Or rather, they cooed, cried, and wiggled while I attempted to get a good shot.

Cuties, I tell ya (and wiggle worms!)

And just a cool little note, those two above have four nationalities in their genes...German, Mexican, Slovak, and American...awesome.

Claire, thanks for the good conversation about things other than poo-filled diapers and spit-ups :)  Looking forward to more hang out time...and Gabo smiles!

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  1. Love the aminal print outfit. Elise, You are perfection. love U All!!!!!


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