Monday, November 21, 2011

International Christmas Bazaar

The three of us decided to check out Bratislava's International Christmas Bazaar the other day.

There were many different countries represented, all having small booths set up with goods and food for sale.  It was really interesting to see what each country brought, but to say it was crowded would be a complete understatement.

We could barely move through the aisles by ourselves, much less with a stroller.  So we parked the stroller and Jas and I went in shifts to check out the bazaar.

Here are the snapshots we got in between elbow shoves and stepped-on toes :)

Did you know Santa Claus was Swedish?  Yeah, we didn't either.

Some of the items for sale.

Of course there was delicious international cuisine.  We didn't have these pretzels, but we did taste some Vietnamese spring rolls made by this adorable little lady...

And while at that booth I captured this sweet scene...

We liked the concept and thought it was a neat representation of the world we live in.  But the people, oh the people. The word crowded doesn't do this bazaar justice.  However, maybe next year we'll check it out again...sans stroller :)

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