Thursday, November 17, 2011

She needs to be...

Over the past seven weeks, we have experienced big adjustments.  Not only to life with a little one, but also to life with a little one in a new culture. This has resulted in both Jason and I noting particular cultural differences in the art of raising children (I do also need to note here however that I have not raised a child in America...I only know about raising a child in America from observing others).

You see, anytime we go out somewhere we are constantly being watched.  Typically, it's by the older generation.  They're quite particular about certain things. 

Here are a few of the most common comments/most recent comments we've gotten when out and about with Elise...

"She needs to be lying flat.  Sitting up like that is not good for her back." (If she's in her car seat)

"You shouldn't hold her like that.  She won't develop good neck muscles that way." 

"You know she should always have on socks, even in the house.  She could easily get sick."

"Watch out for her head.  Watch out for her head.  Watch out for her head."

Now granted, we know that these kind souls are just trying to offer advice and show concern for our little one.  We get that and appreciate the care, however, both Jason and I were wheeled around from time to time sitting up and we don't have crazy curved backs.  I'm fairly certain there were times when we went without socks in the house, and we weren't permanently damaged by it.  

And his parents might not appreciate me putting this out there, but Jason was dropped on his head when he was little.  I know, I know, it explains a lot ;)  So we'll definitely heed that last one with the head. hehe.

All this to say, we know (and are learning more and more) that each culture has its own peculiarities.  What we think is "normal" in America, would not be so "normal" here.  And vice versa.  

So, thank you, sweet elderly ladies, but we're ok with Elise not always lying flat.  And we're ok with her having her socks off every now and then.  We know we're not perfect parents, and we'll make mistakes, but it's all part of learning for us :)

Here's a little proof that she actually does lay "rovno" sometimes...

All part of being in another culture.  We're loving it...naozaj (really!)


  1. "Shave her head before her first birthday bc her hair is dirty."
    "Don't lay her on yellow sheets or she'll get jaundice."
    "You're not drinking ice in your drink are you? Your baby will get jaundice from that."
    "You mean you can eat whatever you want? Not just chicken broth? How did you recover from giving birth by eating such crazy (ie-normal food) things?!"

    We know how you feel! The more children you add, the less aggravating it is...something about the proof of your well-adjusted children running around is all the proof you'll need eventually to keep those comments to a minimum :) They do it in America too by the way!!

  2. Donnie and Charity got YELLED at while we were in Slovakia by a little old lady so we have seen their comments first hand. And just for the record,Donnie did the dropping and it really wasn't a drop...more of blanket sliding out of stroller with him on it...Poor Marianne, too, with an audience in Gatlinburg...Also Jason tried to play Superman and jumped out of the grocery cart one time and hit his head and ear...hit the telephone pole riding his bike and hit his head (had logo from hat "bruised" on his forehead)..and he hit his head with a baseball bat trying to bounce a basketball with the bat...we were "regulars" at the ER...but THAT's OUR BOY!!!


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