Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Color

There were a few requests to post some of the previous photos of Elise's baby blues in color.

So here goes!

Oh, and if you'll take note, I haven't mastered the art of "capturing a moving baby" yet...thus the somewhat blurry photos.  I'll get it eventually, though!

(As an aside, I definitely think they appear more blue in real life...)

And for the sake of keepin' it real...

"Ok, mom, enough already!"


  1. Thanks! Her facial expressions are so expressive! I can see the "Friday Foto" of Jason under "the favs" and I think you'll see as time goes on that she inherited her daddy's ability to make a face! Cute Cute!

  2. There they are! Oh yeah, you'll get better and she'll sit still-er. I still can't tell who she favors more... maybe she's just a perfect blend!


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