Saturday, November 26, 2011


Let me set the scene for you:

Jas ran out to get a light bulb from the hardware store.

I was at home with Elise baking sweet potato casserole.

Jas calls and says, "get ready, you're going out...there's an 'everything is 1 euro' sale at the thrift store down here..."

Me = overly excited

He came home and watched Elise while I headed down to the local thrift store to check out the goods.

You see, I am an avid lover of all things thrifty.  Goodwill and I were best friends in America.  I love the idea of possibility.  Be it clothing (ohhh, how can I wear this?) or a long forsaken item that can be transformed...I love seeing the potential.  And I would be lying if I said I haven't missed Goodwill.

I've been to this particular thrift store here a time or two.  And, well, it's normally more expensive than I am willing to pay for secondhand things (read: 8 euros for a shirt...nahhhhh).

But yesterday was THE day.  The whole store save one rack was 1 euro...SCORE!

I took some time and looked around and came home with these three pieces, all for the grand price of 3 euros (that would be $3.99 American dollars).  THREE sweaters for almost FOUR dollars...yes please!!!

I was one happy girl :)

And apparently they do this monthly.  Cue the happy dance, I'm breaking it down over here!


  1. I wish your blog had a like button....because I like it!

  2. OOOO!! This post excites me! So glad you found the closest thing to Goodwill over there. I know I would be deprived without it! Cute finds too!


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