Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Two humorous school stories that I must share (of course I won't share student names), but these are precious/funny stories that made me laugh, though precious is not always the greatest descriptor to use with middle schoolers ;)

During a class I was observing/taking part in, the teacher and class were discussing a book they had just finished reading.

The teacher asks a specific student, saying "What did you think about this part of the story?"  To which the student, without missing a beat, says "Can I go to my locker?"  Everyone pauses, and then cracks up.  Maybe it's one of those you-had-to-be-there moments, but take my word for it, it was funny!
In my class we do something called "Cosas Buenas," or good things.  We go around the class and each student has about 20 seconds to share a good thing.  When it reaches this particular student, he starts and says "Mi cosa buena aunt gave me a horse and I named it Ace!"  He was very serious!  No smile, just pure contentment with receiving his new horse named Ace.  We all kind of chuckled in surprise that this boy had gotten a horse...not a common everyday "good thing."  Very cute.

Sometimes they make me smile. :)  Oh, a day in the life of a middle school's a rare occasion to get a message like the one below (so rare it's from last year, but you know how I feel about a post without a picture ;)


  1. There are always such cute stories when you are a school teacher. They make the daily challenges a little easier. That precious note reminds me of the time one of my first graders wrote that I "was pretty and I love you and you are Barbie." (Bless her heart...) As you know, after many years, that note still remains on my refrigerator.

    Just like your note says...
    Mrs. Palmer (and Mr.) I love you so much,
    Mama (aka Barbie..Ha Ha)

  2. I like reading about the fun little stories of everyday life that I don't get to hear during catch-up times. :)


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