Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Friday night Jas and I attended the rehearsal dinner for Chris and Holly Sanseverino.  They had asked Jason to marry them so we got to be a part of their day today, as well.  It was fun!

The weekend took place at Homestead Steakhouse (near and dear to our hearts, that's where our wedding reception took place).  Jas did a great job and we were glad to see them married.

Take a peak--it was beautiful!

They got married in front of this pretty set up.

Unity sand.  A unique idea I hadn't heard of until this wedding (same concept as unity candle, of course)

One of the cute kids (Noah), with the gorgeous cake.

My good-lookin' husband before he performed the wedding.

I'm a fan of weddings.  And this was a pretty one :)

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