Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunny Saturday

(I've noticed I like alliterations as titles for posts...haha).

Saturday had the most AMAZING weather.  It was exciting to be out in the sun soaking it up.  After the wedding we attended on Saturday, you better believe Jas and I took full advantage of that sunny joyfulness :)

An unsuccessful attempt at hanging the ENO hammock on the back porch.  oops!

Ah, finally, success!  Hangin' between two trees in the front yard.  This is a double person hammock, which means I joined him for some hard core relaxin'!

A hammock view of the blooming trees :)

SO excited about the blooming flowers!  Ah!  Finally from doom and gloom weather to blossom and bloom weather.  I'm diggin' it! If only every day was the weekend...ahh...

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  1. can you please just take a picture of every flower in your yard? that way i can pretend it's spring in summit county...


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