Monday, March 15, 2010

Flowers? Yes, please!

During our clutter-free weekend (and tearing up the bushes weekend, read previous post), we also bought a few flowers to pretty our front steps.   We chose the brightest ones at Lowe's to really help our red door pop ;)  (or, at least that's why I chose them...haha).

Aren't they just so bright and colorful and SPRINGY!?

I liked them.  And I think lately I have just been in spring, warm-weather mode and with that I may or may not have "subtly" mentioned to my hubby every now and then that I wanted some flowers to brighten up our kitchen. Now I am not always huge on flowers, pancake dates are the way to my heart ;) but I DO really LOVE sunflowers.  Of any flower, that's the one I would chose any time.

So since I did subtly mention it (I know, I know...bad of me), I was somewhat surprised ;)  by some bright yellow sunflowers last week!  And they have brightened our yellow kitchen all the more with their sunny-ness. 

I guess now I've had my flower fix!  Any favorite flowers that tickle your fancy? :)


  1. Looks great! I love flowers- they are just so cheerful!

  2. Beautiful flowers and pictures. I love pink roses the best. I love the smell of all roses!

    I love you two,

  3. Oops! I goofed up! I am sorry!

    Can't figure this posting out...

  4. I like the tin can thing you put the flowers in...that looks good!



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