Monday, March 8, 2010

Neighborhood Pests?

It's true that some people have bothersome neighborhood pests.  For instance, some might have random cats, a stray dog here or there.  You might see annoying squirrels leaving empty peanut butter jars in your yard, or hey, every once in a while you might have a run in with a raccoon, fox, or skunk...


They have horses. HORSES!

Arriving back at their house after church on Sunday, they were greeted by two grass-chomping horses in their yard.  They were there just hangin' out, chillin', maxin' and relaxin' all cool in their front yard!  How exciting is that.

So Jas and I had to head over there to check it out, camera in tow.

Grass, anyone?

Just a leisurely stroll around the cul-da-sac.

Yeah, these two were caught in the act walking through a neighbor's front yard.

How is that for a fun, unexpected visit from some barnyard animals?  Aren't they pretty, though!?


  1. I think that is very cool- I wish I had horses strollin in my yard!

  2. The funny thing is, that's happened to me before too -- and we lived much closer to the city than the Palmers! One afternoon when I was in HS, I was walking down the stairs and looked out the window, lo and behold, there was a horse in my backyard eating grass from underneath our trampoline!! Of course my parents didn't believe me when I called to tell them! Thankfully a neighbor down the street worked at a stable, so I called her and she came and led the lone ranger back to its home on the other side of our neighborhood. Haha :)

  3. forgot to tell everyone that Jason fed them carrots and then they left and came back with a friend for more!

  4. HAHAHA - I wish there were horses in my backyard! I would SO ride one.

  5. oooo ya know what? my neighbors back home now have miniature horses and they fenced in part of our backyard so we too now have horses behind our house. baby horses!


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