Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GREEN stuff

I do not remember where or why I thought about this the other day, but suddenly I was overcome with the desire to make "GREEN STUFF."  If you don't know green stuff, then you should.  As in like, HAVE to know what it is.  It is THAT good.

So, you ask, what IS green stuff?  I was first introduced to it through my college roomie, Erin, who made some from a recipe her mom had.  Green stuff is a dessert/side dish that is absolutely delicious, light, fluffy, and tasty. 

Since I was strongly desiring this green goodness, I decided to look up a recipe and make it.  There are many recipes for green stuff, but I actually kind of made my own adaptation.

Here's the recipe I put together:

1 carton of Cool Whip Free
1 package of Jell-o pistachio pudding mix
1 can of mandarin oranges
1 can of crushed pineapple (drain off some of the juice)
8 big handfuls of tiny marshmallows

1. Make the pistachio pudding according to the box (you will need two cups of milk).
2. Mix in all the other ingredients.
3. EAT UP!

How easy is that!?  And it's super delicious to boot.  When you're finished mixing it's a very light green color, perfect for St. Patrick's day (haha, even though I really don't care much for or do much with St. Patty's day), that just happened to work out!

Ok, now go to the grocery store and get the above ingredients and combine them!  You won't be sorry.  Palmer promise :)

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  1. haha how funny that you call it green stuff too. these days i mainly say "watergate salad," since "green stuff" is only what i called it as a kid b/c i didn't know what it was, ha. glad you like it so much! what's the adaptation you spoke of? your ingredients is the same as my recipe. the only difference is i don't prepare the pudding. i just mix it all together. looks delish!


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